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A Leap Begins...
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Maureen Johnson [userpic]

Place: The Cat Scratch Club
Time: Late Afternoon/Early Evening
ATTN: Joanne, anyone who would be at the Cat Scratch?

'Have you ever been to the Cat Scratch?'Collapse )

[OOC: Maybe this will jump start things a little? I somewhat rambled. xD; Sorry I've been so inactive!]

Place: The Park
Time: Morning/Early Afternoon
ATTN:Anyone who wants to hop in. :P

Maybe things were better off like this...Collapse )

Maureen Johnson [userpic]

Place: Joanne's Apartment
Time: Morning/Afternoon
Attn: Joanne

The diva couldn't be happier.Collapse )

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm glad that this community is starting off good. I've been searching for anyone who would be interested in playing Angel or Benny and Lindsey (Mimi) mentioned to me through e-mail that she might have found an Angel, but she's not positive. Just encouraged the Angel to apply. And that's all we need, people. Hopefully if the Angel does apply we'll only need a Benny who can be covered by myself or Kate (Maureen).

Also, make use of those character journals. I know a couple of you have been writing in them from your character's perspective. That's good. Don't be afraid to comment other characters' journals if you've already met either. i.e. Roger, Mark, Maureen, Collins can comment each other or Maureen, Joanne can comment each other or Mimi, Angel can comment eachother.

I'd also like to get Mimi and Angel introduced to the group as soon as possible, whether it be as 'just friends' or romantic relationships. I don't want to leave anyone out.

Great job everyone,

Time: Mid-November, night
Place: The Loft, where Roger, Mark and Maureen live {Collins is gone by now, and Benny as well, but since we're starting when Mark and Maureen break up, Maureen is still staying there at this point, right?}
Attn: Anyone or No one, it doesn't matter to me

It was a crisp autumn night in the lower half of their great city, gradually the days had gotten shorter, the air was losing its warm breeze and was replaced with a soft chill. Read MoreCollapse )

I'm opening up the RPG for play today, anyone who feels like it can start it.

Please remember that this RPG starts off right in the beginning of RENT. All six of you are in charge of whether the plot stays similar or drastically changes. Pairings should stay canon in respect to Jonathon Larson.

Feel free to post all ideas in this thread for the plotline, and make sure to check back here every so often to see if anyone had added ideas. I will post a link in the userinfo.

Also, we only need two more characters (Benny and Angel). Know someone who may be interested? Tell them to fill out an application and send it to me.

EDIT: When making a post please post location of your character and the characters that should comment in the thread. Example: Mark and Roger's Loft;; Attn: Roger. If you don't have a preference on who to interact with, just put the location.

Name: Nikki
Age: 16
AIM: mexicandiva008
E-Mail: mexicandiva@comcast.net
Personal Journal: mexican_diva

Maureen Johnson:
Name: Kate
Age: 15
AIM: laing is wickedx
MSN: kitkatt91@hotmail.com
Character Journal: moowith_maureen

Roger Davis:
Name: Danielle/Dani
Age: 19
AIM: Find0neSong
E-mail: Blaze0fGlory@yahoo.com
Personal Journal: danii_girl
Character Journal: fender_boy

Mimi Marquez:
Name: Lindsey
Age: 16
AIM: xdanceintheflame
E-mail: californiagrl4eva@comcast.net
Personal Journal: gold_digger_967
Character Journal: danceintheflame

Mark Cohen:
Name: Chelsey
Age: 16
AIM: Onlyawitness
E-mail: Onlyawitness@aol.com
Personal Journal: fear_alchemist
Character Journal: detached_living

Tom Collins:
Name: Kayla
Age: 17
AIM: xshadowxdodgerx
E-mail: shadowpassinthru@yahoo.com
Personal Journal: admanthea
Character Journal: fly_so_far

Joanne Jefferson:
Name: SK
Age: 19
E-mail: InnocentCrusader@aol.com
Personal Journal: enigmaticnoda
Character Journal: droll_geek

**Please notify me if the above information is incorrect in any way**

Please post applications here. You will recieve a comment back within a week whether it is denied, pending*, or accepted.

*85% chance of being accepted, but we would like to still review applications.


Real Name:
Roleplaying Experience:
Contact Information:
Character's Full Name (including middle):
Character's Age:
Character's Birthday:
Character's Physical Appearance:
Character's Emotional Strengths:
Character's Emotional Weaknesses:
Character's Talents:
Character's Secret:
Character's Background: (please make at least 350 words)
Character's Greatesr Fear:
Character's Favorite Food:
Character's Favorite Color:
Character's Favorite Place:
Character's Favorite Possession:
Writing Sample: (at least 250 words)

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